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Vana Portrait

Vana Portrait
Explore, Connect, and Experience the World with Your Digital Mini 'You.


Discover Vana, a revolutionary platform that allows you to create a digital version of yourself, your "gotchi," and bring it to life in your pocket. Unleash the power of personalization and AI to enhance your productivity, explore new realities, and connect with others in unique ways.

Key Features:

Create Your Mini "You": Use Vana's tech wizardry to build a digital version of yourself through clicks, swipes, and keystrokes.

Explore Anywhere: Take your gotchi to different apps, watch it play, connect with friends, and even drop it into simulations for a new, personalized experience.

Take Control: Your gotchi is yours and yours alone. Keep it safe and under your control, along with the data that goes into creating it.

Cases for Usage:

Self-Exploration: Use your gotchi to delve into different aspects of your personality and interests.

Connection: Chat with your gotchi and let your friends interact with it for a unique social experience.

Productivity: Employ your gotchi to assist with everyday tasks like sending greetings or messages.

Join the Vana Builder's Collective:

For creators, developers, and innovators, Vana offers a community of over 1 million people eager to explore new possibilities with their gotchis. Leverage AI and deep personalization to create novel ways for people to connect, experience, game, play, learn, and do.


What is Vana? A decentralized platform where digital selves can freely live, play, and prosper.

How does Vana work? Create and control your digital gotchi, exploring various apps and simulations.

Who can use my gotchi? Exclusively yours, keep it safe and under your control.

Who sees what my gotchi does? Only you have access to your gotchi's activities.

How much does it cost? Check our pricing details for affordable plans.

How do I use my gotchi? Seamlessly integrate it into your daily life for a personalized experience.

How does the AI work? Discover the magic behind your gotchi's intelligence.

What happens to all my data? Rest assured, your data is yours, and Vana respects your privacy.

Join the Vana community today and explore a new dimension of personalization and connection.

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