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Amplify your team's potential with Dust.

Freemium €29/user/mo

Dust is a customizable and secure AI assistant platform designed to empower teams by harnessing the full potential of artificial intelligence. It allows businesses to effectively integrate AI into their workflows, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape of work.

Connectivity and Knowledge Sharing:

Connect Dust to your team's data, breaking down knowledge silos with context-aware assistants.

Tailor assistants to specific use cases, empowering teams with personalized AI support.

Control data access granularly, ensuring a safe and privacy-focused application.

Leading Models and Continuous Sync:

Access leading AI models augmented with your company's internal information.

Sync seamlessly with various data sources such as Notion, Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, and more.

Exceptionally modular and adaptable, continuously evolving to meet changing needs.

Team Collaboration and Workflow Enhancement:

Identify creative team members and facilitate the sharing of AI experience throughout the company.

Encourage the development of new workflows, shared conversations, and collaboration with features like @mentions and Slackbot integration.

Manage workspace invitations seamlessly with single sign-on (SSO).

Security and Data Privacy:

Designed with enterprise-grade security for managing data access policies with control and confidence.

Your data remains private, with no re-training of models on internal knowledge.

Customizable actions and application orchestration for developers and tinkerers.

Pricing Plans:


Cost: 0€

Includes: One user, one workspace, regular models (GPT-3.5, Claude instant...), unlimited custom assistants, 50 assistant messages, 50 documents as data sources, no connections.


Cost: 29€/month/user

Includes: From 1 user, one workspace, advanced models (GPT-4, Claude...), unlimited custom assistants, unlimited messages, up to 1Gb/user of data sources, connections (GitHub, Google Drive, Notion, Slack), single sign-on (Google, GitHub), Dust Slackbot, assistants can execute actions, workspace role and permissions.


Cost: Custom (From 100 users)

Includes: Multiple workspaces, privacy and data security, advanced models (GPT-4, Claude...), unlimited custom assistants, unlimited messages, unlimited data sources, connections (GitHub, Google Drive, Notion, Slack...), single sign-on, Dust Slackbot, assistants can execute actions, advanced workspace role and permissions, dedicated account support.

Contact and Careers:

Explore career opportunities with Dust and stay connected via LinkedIn, Blog, and GitHub.

For inquiries, visit the Careers section on the website.

Legal and Privacy:

Access legal and privacy information, including Website Privacy Policy, Legal Notice, Website Terms of Use, and Cookie Notice on the Dust website.

Get Started:

Start amplifying your team's potential with Dust. Sign in and explore the transformative power of AI in your workflow.

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