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Revolutionizing Voice Creation with AI Technology.

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Altered Studio stands at the forefront of voice creation technology, offering a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools designed to transform the way content creators and media professionals approach voice production. Whether you're a streamer looking to entertain your audience with unique character voices or a content creator seeking to enhance your projects with lifelike voiceovers, Altered Studio provides the cutting-edge solutions you need to elevate your craft.


Altered Studio is dedicated to empowering creators with innovative AI-driven voice manipulation technology, enabling them to unleash their creativity and produce captivating content across various mediums. From media production to real-time communication, Altered Studio redefines the boundaries of voice creation, offering unprecedented customization and control over vocal identity and expression.

Target Audience:

Altered Studio caters to a diverse range of users, including content creators, streamers, voice actors, media producers, and anyone seeking to explore the possibilities of AI-driven voice manipulation. Whether you're a professional in the entertainment industry or an amateur enthusiast, Altered Studio provides intuitive tools that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Unique Features:

Premium Voice Changer for Content Creation: Altered Studio's advanced voice morphing technology allows users to seamlessly alter their voices, including accent, performance style, age, and gender, for unparalleled versatility in content creation.

Real-Time Voice Changer for Communication: With ultra-low latency voice morphing capabilities, Altered Studio revolutionizes voice communication by enabling users to change their vocal identity in real-time, ensuring engaging and immersive interactions.

Generative AI for Voice Creators: Altered Studio combines traditional craftsmanship with generative AI technology, empowering voice creators to explore new frontiers in audio storytelling through voice puppeteering and augmentation.

Voice Cloning: Altered Studio offers personalized voice cloning services, allowing users to replicate specific voices, whether it's a famous actor, a friend, or even their own voice at a younger age, for a truly customized experience.

Premium Text-to-Speech: Altered Studio's AI-powered text-to-speech functionality delivers natural and engaging narration, eliminating robotic voices and enhancing the professional quality of audio content.

AI Voice Cleaning: Altered Studio enables users to optimize voice recordings with AI-powered cleaning tools, removing background noise, voice fillers, and other artifacts for clean and professional results.

Real-World Examples:

Imagine you're a content creator working on a multimedia project that requires diverse character voices. With Altered Studio, you can effortlessly transform your voice to suit each character, adding depth and personality to your storytelling. Additionally, if you're a streamer looking to engage your audience with unique voice interactions, Altered Studio's real-time voice changer offers endless possibilities for entertaining and immersive content.

Altered Studio represents the pinnacle of AI-driven voice creation technology, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that empower creators to unleash their imagination and bring their ideas to life with unparalleled precision and creativity.

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