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Write Syntax, Comments, and Tests. Faster. Easier. Better. AskCodi is made keeping in mind the needs of developers to avoid redundant tasks, therefore resulting in less time spent on development and more time to execute.

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AskCodi is an AI coding assistant that serves as a pair programmer for developers. It offers various features and applications to enhance productivity and efficiency in coding tasks.

With AskCodi, programmers can benefit from AI-powered features such as Codi Chat, a seamless chat interface for crafting code conversations, and Codi Workbooks, Jupyter Style Notebooks that unlock endless possibilities for developers.

The tool also provides code generation, autocomplete, and translation between programming languages, making it versatile and developer-friendly.AskCodi emphasizes an intuitive user experience, designed by developers for developers, to navigate easily and increase focus during coding tasks.

It also prioritizes privacy and security, incorporating top-notch tools for securing code. With user-led growth, AskCodi aims to continuously improve and evolve based on user feedback and needs.The tool offers an AI-powered efficiency that increases productivity by reducing repetitive processes and freeing up time for high-value activities.

It aims to unlock the future of coding and innovation, providing a platform to boost productivity and optimize developer workflows.AskCodi's unique workbook style coding approach is designed to facilitate learning quickly and efficiently.

It offers a familiar interface, step-by-step progress, and the ability to generate, explain, document, and test code. Additionally, Codi Apps, a suite of applications, caters to supercharging coding experiences, enhancing workflow, and increasing efficiency.AskCodi is available as a web application and as extensions/plugins for popular IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, and JetBrains' IDEs.

It offers flexible and transparent pricing options, allowing users to choose the features they want at a price that suits their needs.

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