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Your AI-Powered Coding Superpower.

Freemium $12/seat/mo

Codeium is a revolutionary coding toolkit that brings the power of AI to developers, offering a seamless and efficient coding experience. As a SOC 2 Type II compliant solution, Codeium ensures the highest standards of security for your coding endeavors.

Why Codeium?

Autocomplete Faster: Leverage Codeium's generative code to autocomplete faster than ever, saving valuable time and accelerating product development.

AI Search: Say goodbye to clunky regexes. Use Codeium's intelligent search to effortlessly find files and code related to your intent.

Chat Assistance: Codeium Chat provides a helping hand for tasks like generating boilerplate, refactoring code, adding documentation, explaining code, suggesting bug fixes, and more.


AI-Powered Autocomplete: Thousands of developers trust Codeium's generative code for speedy autocompletion across various IDEs.

Intelligent Search: Simplify code navigation with Codeium's AI-powered search functionality.

Chat Assistance: Interact with Codeium Chat for code-related assistance and suggestions.

Enterprise Solutions: Elevate your team's coding capabilities with advanced features, administration tools, and GPT-4 support through Codeium Teams and Enterprise plans.

Use Cases:

Individuals: Enjoy free access to Codeium's powerful features, including rapid code autocomplete and in-editor AI chat assistance.

Teams: Collaborate seamlessly with up to 200 seats, gaining admin usage dashboards, seat management, and advanced personalization.

Enterprise: Unlock unlimited seats, SaaS and self-hosted deployments, priority support, and optional fine-tuning for organization-wide coding excellence.


"Codeium AI in DataSpell is driving me nuts. This is an absolutely mind-blowing free tool." - Dinesh Kumar Roy

"AI will continue to transform the developer experience, so equip yourself with the best AI possible. Every individual, team, or company that codes will benefit from Codeium." - Shawn “swyx” Wang

"We considered making our own generative AI model within our environment, but when we found Codeium, it was like seeing a big red “easy” button." - Cy Sack

Get Codeium for Free:

Level up your coding with Codeium. Sign up for free today and experience unlimited autocomplete in 70+ languages across your favorite IDEs.

Security & Privacy Assurance:

Codeium prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. Enjoy the benefits of Codeium's high-quality, secure AI tools without compromising your personal information.

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