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Simplifying Data Analysis with AI-Generated R Code.


RTutor is an innovative AI-powered app that bridges the gap between natural language and data analysis using R. Developed by Dr. Steven Ge, RTutor leverages OpenAI's potent language models to translate plain English into executable R code, enabling users to analyze datasets effortlessly. Simply upload your data file (CSV, TSV, or Excel), ask questions in natural language, and receive R-generated analyses in minutes. Download the results as an HTML report, making data analysis accessible even to those with limited R experience.

Interactive Natural Language Interface:

Interact with your data using natural language, just like asking a real person. RTutor transforms your questions into R code for seamless analysis.

Automated Code Generation:

RTutor's AI system generates R code based on your prompts, automating the analysis process. Use the generated code as a starting point for refinement.

HTML Report Generation:

Download your results as an HTML report, providing a structured summary of your data analysis, making record-keeping and reproducibility easy.

Privacy-Focused Data Handling:

Your data is treated with privacy in mind. Only column names, not the data itself, are sent to OpenAI for code generation. Your data is not stored on the server.

Customizable for Business Use:

For businesses, RTutor can be customized and locally installed to gain insights from various data sources, including files, SQL databases, or APIs.

What is RTutor?

RTutor is an AI-based app that translates natural language into R code for data analysis. It enables users to interact with their data effortlessly.

How does RTutor work?

Your natural language requests are sent to OpenAI, which returns generated R code. This code is executed in a Shiny environment, producing results or error messages.

Is my data uploaded to OpenAI?

No, only column names are sent as prompts. Your data is not stored on the server after the session.

Who is it for?

Primarily for those with some R experience, helping them learn and become more productive. RTutor accelerates the coding process, providing draft code for testing.

Can private companies use RTutor?

As a demo only. RTutor is freely available for non-profit organizations, distributed under the CC NC 3.0 license.

Can I run RTutor locally?

Yes, download the R package and install it locally. Obtain an API key from OpenAI for usage.

Can I install R packages in the AI-generated code?

Not directly. Efforts are made to pre-install the top 5000 most frequently used R packages on the server.

Can this replace statisticians or data scientists?

No, but it can enhance their efficiency.

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