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BeautyPlus is a photo and video editor and design tools website that offers a wide range of editing tools and free-to-use content.


It is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly for anyone to use and share dynamic life moments.

How to use BeautyPlus?

To use BeautyPlus, simply visit the website and explore the various features available. You can edit photos and videos, apply filters, remove backgrounds, retouch images, add makeup effects, create collages, and much more. The website also offers templates and unlimited content for users to unleash their creativity.

BeautyPlus's Core Features

Portrait Editing

Face Editor

Makeup Tools

Body Editor

Design Tools

Remove Objects

Remove BG

Photo To Cartoon


Unlimited Content

Photo & Video Editor

AI Video Enhancer

Background Changer

Video BG Remover

Video Templates

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