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Framer AI

Framer AI
Generate and publish your site with AI in seconds.

Freemium $5/mo

Design better sites effortlessly with Framer's advanced AI tools. Elevate your website's impact with the best AI website builder featuring AI Translation for seamless multilingual experiences, Text Rewrite for polished content, and AI Style to precisely define your brand tone. From generating new pages to dynamic text rewriting, Framer's simple AI tools offer powerful content creation capabilities. Skip manual translation and effortlessly reach a global audience with Framer's AI-powered solutions. Join the ranks of 25,000 clubs already using Framer to unleash their website's full potential. Create a demo account or book a sales call and experience the power of Framer AI today!

Key Features:

AI Translation: Effortlessly translate your website for a worldwide audience.

Text Rewrite: Improve website copy with AI-powered content rewriting.

AI Style: Define brand tone, context, and more for precise content translation.

Why Framer AI?

Effortless Recording: Record everything, every time with Veo's portable AI camera.

Engaging Learning: Experience the power of seeing your performance on video for effective learning.

Shareable Highlights: Turn memorable moments into shareable snippets with automatic highlight creation.

Fan Engagement: Reach fans anywhere with easy live-streaming capabilities.

Data-Driven Coaching: Bring objectivity to post-game analysis with AI-captured match statistics.

Cases of Use:

Multilingual Experiences: Use AI Translation for seamless translations into multiple languages.

Content Polishing: Improve website copy effortlessly with Text Rewrite.

Brand Precision: Define your brand tone and context with AI Style for accurate translations.


Global Reach: Effortlessly tailor your website for diverse languages and regions.

Improved Content: Transform standard text into engaging, professional-grade content with AI Text Rewrite.

Brand Control: Maintain brand integrity with precise translation using AI Style.

Start Designing with Framer AI:

Unleash your website's full potential with Framer's AI tools. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting out, Framer offers the best in AI-driven website development. Join the community of designers using Framer and experience a new standard in website design. Start for free or explore our enterprise solutions. Framer - Where the internet becomes your canvas.

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