2 minutes to read - Mar 23, 2023
AI-Powered Design Tool for Figma.


Unlock the magic of design with Magician Beta, a Figma plugin that adds a touch of enchantment to your creative process. With the power of AI, Magician Beta transforms ordinary design tasks into extraordinary experiences. From copywriting to generating unique icons, let every design element be a stroke of magic.

Key Features:

Text to Icon: Instantly generate unique icons from text, adding a magical touch to your designs.

Copywriting Magic: Let AI assist in crafting compelling copy for your designs, saving you time and boosting creativity.

Text to Image: Transform text into captivating images effortlessly, expanding your design possibilities.

Magic Spells:

Magic Icon: Create captivating icons with a wave of your magic wand.

Magic Copy: Craft engaging copy that resonates with your audience.

Magic Image: Turn ordinary text into visually stunning images and enhance your design aesthetics.

Made by Diagram:

Magician Beta is brought to you by Diagram, a team dedicated to providing smarter design tools that elevate creativity.


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