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Your Pixel Art Transformation Hub.


We're thrilled to announce our integration with Scenario, taking your creative journey to new heights. With our innovative Pixel Art Converter, transform your images into pixel art effortlessly for game development. Explore the magic of pixelation and enhance your artistic endeavors with Pixelicious.

Key Features:

Seamless Integration: Pixelicious is now a proud member of the Scenario family, expanding our capabilities and bringing you an even more enriched creative experience.

New Feature: Remove Background: Effortlessly eliminate backgrounds from your images with our latest addition, ensuring your pixel art retains focus and clarity.

Pixel Art Converter: Unleash the power of our online Image-to-Pixel Art Converter, turning your ordinary images into pixelated masterpieces ready for game development.

User-Friendly Interface: Simply add your file by clicking or dragging your image onto our platform to initiate the transformation process.

Snowy Direction Effect: Explore a unique feature – the "Snowy Direction" effect, adding a touch of wintry magic to your pixel art creations.

How It Works:

Add Your Image: Click or drag your image onto Pixelicious to kickstart the transformation process.

Choose Your Options: Explore the "Remove Background" feature and other customization options to tailor your pixel art to perfection.

Experience the Magic: Witness the pixelation unfold before your eyes, turning your image into a pixel art marvel.

Download and Share: Once satisfied, download your pixel art creation and share it with the world.

Use Cases:

Game Developers: Quickly convert images into pixel art for seamless integration into your game design.

Digital Artists: Add a pixelated touch to your artwork, bringing a nostalgic and visually striking element to your creations.

Graphic Designers: Enhance your designs with pixel art elements, creating a unique and captivating visual language.

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