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Finally. Automatic Documentation.

Paid $10/mo

Stenography redefines code documentation by seamlessly combining AI and code parsing, offering developers an innovative solution to automate the documentation process. With features like Autopilot, a Powerful API, and Stack Overflow Suggestions integration, Stenography empowers developers to document entire codebases effortlessly and efficiently.

Purpose and Target Audience:

Stenography caters to developers, software engineers, and coding enthusiasts seeking to streamline their documentation process while enhancing productivity. Its target audience includes individuals and teams looking to automate code documentation without compromising privacy or security.

Unique Features:

Autopilot: Document entire codebases automatically every time you hit save. Stenography's Autopilot feature ensures that your code documentation remains up-to-date without manual intervention, saving time and effort.

Powerful API: Pass in code snippets and receive plain English explanations instantly. Stenography's API offers customization options, allowing developers to tailor explanations to their specific needs and preferences.

Stack Overflow Suggestions: Access Stack Overflow suggestions and linked documentation directly within Stenography, eliminating the need for external searches. Hydrate responses with insights from across the web, enhancing the depth and accuracy of documentation.

Privacy First: Stenography prioritizes user privacy by utilizing a passthrough API and refraining from storing code. Rest assured that your code remains secure on your system, with no risk of unauthorized access.

Real-world Examples:

Imagine a software developer working on a complex project. With Stenography, they can seamlessly document their codebase with Autopilot, ensuring comprehensive documentation with minimal effort. Additionally, they can leverage the Powerful API to obtain plain English explanations for specific code segments, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Free Monthly Invocations:

Stenography offers 250 free monthly invocations of its API, allowing developers to test and integrate the service into their workflow without financial commitment. Whether using the VSC extension or custom integrations, developers can explore the capabilities of Stenography at no cost.

About Us:

Stenography was developed by Bram Adams, an OpenAI Developer Ambassador, and GPT-3 O'Reilly Media instructor, reflecting a commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of code documentation.

Stenography revolutionizes code documentation by harnessing the power of AI and code parsing, offering developers a seamless and efficient solution to document their codebases. With its user-friendly interface, privacy-first approach, and integration with popular tools like Visual Studio Code, Stenography empowers developers to elevate their documentation workflow and focus on what truly matters: building great software.

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