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Language Mastery Redefined - Chat and Learn with AI.

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Elevate your language learning journey with our groundbreaking AI-powered chat-based tools. Join a community of thousands of learners mastering languages faster and more effectively. Personalized conversations, grammar tips, and immersive learning experiences await you. Start your linguistic adventure now!

User Testimonials:

"I signed up for a year, it was just jaw-dropping how interesting and engaging the conversation quickly became." - Albert Ulbrich (Instagram Comment)

"It feels like the absolute next level of learning. Like breaking out of the shell of the prepared exercises and actually applying the knowledge in a way my brain can retain it." - Japanese Learner (Discord)

"I have social anxiety so I get scared talking in NL to other people, but this is so good." - u/tastexst (Reddit User)

"I've been looking for a site like this for forever." - u/Gdaystormy (Reddit User)

"This app helped me speak Portuguese in two days." - Portuguese Learner (Discord)

"I'm recommending it to all my pupils once they have finished their first course." - Portuguese Learner (Discord)


Have fun conversations about topics you care about.


Receive grammar improvement tips from AI.


Save words and concepts for future reference.


Test your knowledge and track your progress.

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Recommended by Top Language Schools:

Utilizing the world's best AI models.

Supporting 19+ different languages.

Collecting achievements and awards.

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