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NextBrain AI

NextBrain AI
We want to make No-Code Machine Learning accessible to anyone! End to End solution based on GSheets and Web-App, main features are: - actionable insights - fast & accurate - connectivity. Full of examples FREE for students/beginners.

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Not sure which platform is best for you? No problem! NextBrain has you covered with both a Google Sheet plug-in and a web application. Whether you prefer the convenience of a plug-in or the flexibility of a web app, we've got you covered. Simply choose the option that works best for you and start training those ML models in no time.

1) EXPLAINED ML & ACTIONABLE INSIGHTSNextbrain goes beyond machine learning explainability to provide you with simple and impactful insights into your data. You can create and share these insights through easy-to-make dashboards without the need of additional reporting and visualization tools.
2) FAST & ACCURATE & EASYWith NextBrain, you can train models in less than 15 seconds with some of the highest accuracy rates in the Machine Learning market. Our personal assistant will guide you at any time to improve your results. We've also added the ChatGPT feature as a novelty to help you with complex data analysis and transformations.
3) CONNECTIVITYYou can import several datasources such as: CSV, Google Sheets, SQL Databases, MongoDB, Dataslayer API (+45 marketing datasources), Any external API connectionIf you're still missing any other connections, we've developed a Zapier connector so that you can connect any data.
4) GENERATIVE AI ASSISTANT USING LLMWe use Generative AI to explore data and to transform it easily using the Chat GPT APIs and Open Source models like LLaMMa.Analyzing data and performing transformations has never been so simple!

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