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Roshi AI
Lessons in 1 Click.

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Unleash the power of Roshi - Lessons in 1 Click! With our innovative platform, you can effortlessly create engaging learning material from any online content. Whether it's a news article or your own text, transform it into a comprehensive lesson with just a single click. Roshi ensures instant conversion, automatically simplifying the text to match the desired learning level. Craft questions aligned with your teaching objectives and dive into detailed content analysis. Stay up to date with the latest educational tools and techniques, all while prioritizing privacy.

Why Roshi?

Effortless Lesson Creation: Pick any web article or input your own text and convert it into a detailed lesson with a single click.

Text Simplification: Roshi ensures the text is tailored to the right learning level, enhancing comprehension.

Customized Questions: Generate questions that precisely align with your teaching goals, making the learning experience targeted and effective.

Content Analysis: Dive deep into your lesson content, understanding its intricacies for continuous improvement.

Stay Up to Date: Roshi keeps you informed about the latest advancements in educational technology.

How It Works:

Select Content: Choose any news article or input your own text to use as a basis for your lesson.

Click to Transform: Instantly turn the chosen content into a comprehensive lesson with a single click.

Automatic Simplification: Roshi automatically simplifies the text to ensure it's suitable for your audience's learning level.

Question Generation: Create tailored questions based on your teaching objectives.

Content Analysis: Dive into detailed analysis tools to enhance and refine your teaching material.

Privacy and Support:

Privacy Policy: Roshi prioritizes the privacy of your data, ensuring a secure and confidential learning environment.

Contact Us: Reach out for any support or inquiries; our team is dedicated to assisting you.

Ready to revolutionize your teaching approach? Experience Lessons in 1 Click with Roshi – where creating engaging learning material is as simple as a click!

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