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GorillaTerminal AI

GorillaTerminal AI
Investment Research 10x Faster Analyse Earnings call with AI do stock and industry analysis with ease. Gorilla Terminal's AI-driven insights and powerful tools provide a more efficient and enjoyable solution.


Say good bye to the long hours spent on tedious research tasks. Gorilla Terminal's AI-driven insights and powerful tools provide a more efficient and enjoyable solution.

Analyse Earnings call with AI

Don't miss a word they say, earnings call analysed with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence for sentiment analysis, deep dive into questions asked, individual revenue growth and margin statements

Macro-economic data

Get rich macroeconomic data at your fingertips with a single click, allowing you to make smart investment decisions based on CPI, unemployment rates, total retail sales consumer sentiment, and much more.

Powerful Intuitive Dashboard

Design that is simple, Search for any stock by name or ticker and get all the information, stock charts, and links in a single click. SEC filings, quarterly reports, 10-Ks,10-Qs,Insider buying, sentiment on Twitter, and much more

Risk Management

Manage your investment portfolio with confidence. Our powerful quant techniques use statistical models to identify potential losses and optimize your portfolio for risk and return

Supply Chain Analysis

Monitor supply chain to ensure that your profitabilty of the business

Regression Analysis

Perform regression analysis to identify trends and patterns in financial data, and make more accurate predictions about future performance.

Value at Risk Analysis

Use value at risk analysis to understand and manage the potential risks of your portfolio, and make smart, risk-aware investments.

Sector Overview

Get a comprehensive sector overview to stay up-to-date on market conditions and make informed trades.

Terminal Interface

Enjoy a sleek and intuitive terminal interface that makes it easy to access all the tools and information you need, quickly and efficiently.

Latest News

Stay on top of the latest news and developments with real-time updates and alerts.

Financial Statements

Review and analyze financial statements to make more informed decisions about which stocks to buy and sell.

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Interface made with your needs in mind.

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