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Kairos Financial

Kairos Financial
Wealth Management for the Rest of Us.


No more gatekeeping by the financial elite. Just simple, relatable, and proven ways to build your wealth.

We believe everyone deserves financial well-being: clarity, confidence, and control over their money.

Clarity, Confidence, Control

Our vision is to empower you to gain clarity, confidence, and control over your money. We believe everyone, regardless of their income or financial circumstances, should feel clear about their financial situation and confident about their ability to build their financial health, as well as have control over their choices and ability to reach their goals.

Find What's Missing

Kairos helps you clearly identify your goals and take control of all aspects of your financial situation. We show you what pieces of the puzzle you’re missing while building wealth and identify the right products to help you fill those gaps.

Personalized Coaching

With just a few simple questions, our unique and proprietary AI technology is able to create a personalized plan for you, including the right stack of financial products for your needs and resources and content that will help you reach your goals faster. Not getting exactly what you need? Live chat with us and 1-on-1 calls are always available.

Optimization Over Time

Caring for your finances should look a lot like caring for your teeth — tiny actions every day with check-ups every six months. Kairos will help keep track of your daily actions so that, alongside your goals and evolving financail situation, we can help you optimize your plans every six months.

For the Rest of Us

Kairos is the first fintech company with an income maximum, not an income minimum. If you already have a million dollars in the bank, you probably don’t need us. We aim to serve those who are not traditionally designed for by the finance industry.

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