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Your Personalized Fitness Companion.

Freemium $2.99/mo

Embark on your fitness journey with GymGenie, your AI-powered workout partner. Tailored workout routines, AI-generated meal plans, and a MacroTracker - all designed to supercharge your fitness goals. Join GymGenie Premium during our Summer Sale and get 50% OFF, making it just $2.99 a month. With 3,128,537 workout routines generated so far, GymGenie is trusted worldwide for delivering personalized fitness experiences.

Key Features:

Tailored Workout Routines: GymGenie creates customized workout routines to suit your fitness level, preferences, and goals.

GymGenie Premium Summer Sale: Seize the moment! Subscribe to GymGenie Premium for only $2.99 a month during our exclusive Summer Sale (usually $5.99).

GymGenie MealPlan: Elevate your fitness journey with AI-powered meal plans, ensuring your nutrition aligns with your workout goals.

MacroTracker: Keep track of your macros effortlessly, making informed dietary choices to complement your workouts.

Trusted Worldwide: GymGenie has aided individuals in the USA, India, Canada, UAE, and 80+ more countries.


Standard (Free): Enjoy one free workout routine generated per month. Perfect for those starting their fitness journey.

Premium ($2.99/month): Unlock unlimited workout routines, access upcoming features, GymGenie MealPlan, and MacroTracker.

Why GymGenie:

Personalized Fitness: GymGenie tailors your fitness experience, ensuring every workout aligns with your unique goals.

Summer Sale Exclusive: Avail GymGenie Premium at a special price during our Summer Sale and unlock premium features.

AI-Powered Nutrition: Enhance your fitness journey with AI-generated meal plans for optimal results.

Global Trust: Trusted by individuals across the world for its reliability and effectiveness.

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