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Fuel Your Creativity with GPT-3 Inspiration.


Explore a treasure trove of 100% AI-generated ideas crafted by OpenAI's GPT-3, a cutting-edge deep learning model. This platform is a brainchild of @levelsio, designed to spark creativity without any human intervention. Over 1,947,245 users have shaped and refined these ideas by swiping left to dislike or right to like. How does it work? GPT-3 generates ideas autonomously, learns from user feedback, and continuously evolves its suggestions.


Swipe to Shape Ideas: Dislike with a left swipe or like with a right swipe to actively contribute to refining the AI's creativity.

Inspiration on Demand: Designed to overcome creative blocks, this platform provides a plethora of ideas to jumpstart your imagination.

Constant Improvement: The AI-driven model never sleeps, consistently generating new ideas that improve over time based on user preferences.

Training the AI: Your likes and dislikes play a crucial role in training GPT-3, teaching it to distinguish between promising and lackluster ideas.

Automated Updates: Stay in the loop with new ideas automatically appearing, or subscribe for a weekly curated list of the highest voted suggestions.

Use Cases:

Creative Spark: Use the platform when you're seeking inspiration for your next project, be it a startup, art piece, or any innovative venture.

Idea Refinement: Leverage the community's collective wisdom to refine AI-generated ideas, making them more practical and appealing.

Weekly Insights: Subscribe to receive a weekly digest of the top-rated new ideas, staying ahead of the curve in your creative endeavors.

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Remember, your interactions shape the future of AI-generated ideas. Like what inspires you, and let's collectively push the boundaries of creativity!

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