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Corrector App

Corrector App
Your Online Grammar and Spell Checker.

Paid $29.99/mo

Enhance your writing with the Corrector App, an advanced online spell checker designed to elevate your text. Identify and rectify mistakes effortlessly, with grammar suggestions to refine your writing and improve its flow. Simply click on highlighted corrections, transforming your text instantly. Gain insights into grammar mistakes with detailed explanations, empowering you to understand and enhance your writing skills. Elevate your writing with Corrector App - where precision meets simplicity.

Spell Checking:

Identify and correct spelling mistakes in your text to ensure clarity and professionalism.

Grammar Suggestions:

Receive suggestions for grammar improvements, enhancing the overall flow and coherence of your writing.

Instant Corrections:

Click on highlighted errors to transform them instantly and seamlessly within your text.


Understand grammar mistakes with detailed explanations, fostering continuous improvement in your writing skills.

How It Works:

Paste or type your text into the Corrector App.

Let the app analyze your text and highlight mistakes or areas for improvement.

Click on the suggested corrections to refine your text instantly.

Review detailed explanations to enhance your understanding of grammar mistakes.

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