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Elevating Your Writing Experience with AI-Powered Collaboration


Unlock your best writing potential with Lex, the modern word processor that has raised a remarkable $2.75M in seed funding. Collaborative, intelligent, and powerful, Lex introduces a revolutionary approach to writing, ensuring you never have to type alone again.

Key Features:

AI Feedback: Seek feedback on your draft, brainstorm ideas, or rewrite content with the assistance of AI.

Comments: A polished commenting system with intuitive keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation.

Versions: Experiment with different expressions without losing your original content.

Mobile Web: Collaborate seamlessly on the go by sharing a link—no app download required.

Live Collaboration: Instantly see what others are typing by sharing a link and logging in with one click.

Publishing: Share a "read-only" link to showcase your written work effortlessly.

Commands: Utilize handy AI shortcuts to find the perfect word or generate a list of ideas.

Title Ideas: Get instant title suggestions with just one click from the AI.

Track Changes (Coming Soon): Enjoy Google Docs-like track changes with added tricks.

Premium Experience:

From quick notes to intricate documents, Lex provides a premium writing experience that pays attention to every detail.


"Lex is my Google Docs replacement… but better. The minimalist interface allows me to focus, and the AI capabilities serve as the real-time editor that helps me iterate more quickly and efficiently on my drafts." - Amanda Natividad, VP Marketing at SparkToro

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