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Brilliant work stories Inspire real change.

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Unlock the power of your people with UGC video and structured storytelling.

Real stories, Real people, Real experiences

Spread good practice, engagement and connection throughout your company with the world’s favourite video format.

StoryTagger is the employee-generated video storytelling platform helping people share brilliant work stories to inspire co-workers to thrive, learn and grow. What stories will you share?

Are you missing out on the most influential tactic for increasing impact?

Recognise these challenges? You need to share real work stories.

Develop culture

Stories are the foundation of culture. People need to feel part of it and equipped to contribute through storytelling.

Upskill employees

Show the human story behind progression and the opportunities available on your talent marketplace.

Improve retention

Use stories to help employees feel connected to co-workers, leaders, company values and opportunities.

Align to business

Enabling employees to share tacit knowledge, practice and experiences directly links L&D’s impact to specific business goals.

Do more with less

When experts work with you to create learning, your team can be more responsive to business needs and increased demand.

Overcome overload

Add vital organisational context to show why learning matters. This increases engagement and helps people prioritise their development.

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