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AI-Powered Background Removal for Crisp, Professional Images.

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Welcome to Erase.bg, the ultimate AI-powered background removal tool. With Erase.bg, you can effortlessly remove backgrounds from images, from HD to 4K, enhancing your engagement and boosting sales. Our user-friendly platform ensures precise image transformations in seconds, making it the go-to solution for photographers, designers, and e-commerce businesses worldwide.


Instant Background Removal: Say goodbye to manual editing or complex software. Upload your image, and within seconds, witness the magic as Erase.bg removes the background, leaving your subject front and center.

Bulk Transformation: Streamline your workflow by removing backgrounds from multiple images at once. Experience efficiency and productivity with our bulk background removal service.

API Integration: Seamlessly integrate our APIs into your existing organization to speed up workflows and enhance productivity.

High Resolution Support: Erase.bg supports image types PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP, with a maximum output resolution and size of 5000 x 5000 px and 25 MB.

Versatility: Ideal for various industries, including SAAS applications, e-commerce marketplaces, and operating systems. Erase.bg works well for individuals and enterprises alike.

Cases of Use:

Individuals: Easily transform images with our AI-driven algorithm. Upload, remove the background, preview, and export your edited work for use on social media, blogs, or high-quality prints.

Enterprises: Integrate Erase.bg into your workflow for bulk background removal. Our API allows for scalable processing of hundreds or thousands of images, saving time and labor costs.

Mobile Users: Download our mobile application for iOS or Android to change background colors or remove backgrounds on the go. It's user-friendly and ensures a quick solution for mobile photo editing.

Why Background Removal Matters:

Background removal is an art that transforms images, allowing you to create visually striking and professional-looking photos. Whether for marketing materials, social media, or personal projects, Erase.bg empowers you to enhance the visual appeal of your images.


Professionalism: Make your subject stand out by removing distracting backgrounds.

Versatility: Adapt images for various purposes, from marketing materials to personal projects.

Improved Visual Appeal: Enhance overall image aesthetics with clean, well-defined subjects.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Achieve high-quality results without the need for elaborate setups or expensive equipment.


Erase.bg supports a wide range of file types, including JPEG and PNG, and is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Transform your images with precision and ease. Try Erase.bg now for free and experience the next level of image background editing!

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