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MagicAI for Magic

MagicAI for Magic
Unleash Your Artistic Potential with AI.

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Unlock your computer's extraordinary potential with Magic Draw, a revolutionary drawing application designed for Mac users. Magic Draw provides a delightful and intuitive way for artists of all levels to express themselves creatively. With a focus on precision and innovation, Magic Draw offers a range of unique features that set it apart from traditional drawing software.


Magic Draw's primary purpose is to empower artists to unleash their creativity using advanced AI technology and intuitive design tools. Whether you're a professional illustrator, a hobbyist, or a student, Magic Draw aims to enhance your artistic process and facilitate the creation of stunning artworks.

Target Audience:

Magic Draw is designed for artists, illustrators, designers, and anyone who enjoys digital drawing and painting. It caters to both beginners and experienced artists looking for a versatile and powerful drawing tool that combines traditional techniques with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Unique Features:

Precision Drawing: Magic Draw allows users to draw with great precision using built-in or connected trackpads, providing a magical drawing experience.

AI Assistance: With an advanced AI assistant based on Stable Diffusion technology, Magic Draw helps users enhance their artworks or even generate completely new ones.

Pressure Sensitivity: Magic Draw utilizes the pressure-sensitive surface of the Force Touch trackpad to fine-tune strokes and create dynamic artworks.

Customizable Brushes: Users can customize brush settings including fill styles, size, pressure, and opacity to create the perfect brush for their projects.

Layering and Pages: Magic Draw supports layers to organize and enhance creations, and users can also turn their artworks into pages for a sketchbook-like experience.

Real-World Examples:

Professional illustrators can use Magic Draw's AI assistant to quickly generate concept art or refine their illustrations with precision.

Students studying digital art can benefit from Magic Draw's intuitive interface and customizable brushes to explore different techniques and styles.

Hobbyists and enthusiasts can enjoy experimenting with Magic Draw's AI features to create unique and imaginative artworks effortlessly.

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