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AI-Powered Personalized Learning for Students and Families.

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Storywizard.ai is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between imagination and academic achievement through engaging personalized learning experiences, all powered by cutting-edge AI technology. We empower students to shape their educational journeys, providing a direct link between creativity and scholastic success.

Imagination Unleashed:

The Storywizard.ai platform unlocks the potential of imagination as a powerful learning tool, redefining personalized learning both inside and beyond the classroom.

Tailored Learning for Schools:

AI-fueled learning and assessment tools enable teachers to create and track customized reading and writing assignments, while giving students the freedom to personalize each task.

Empowering Families:

Children can create and refine their own fully illustrated and editable stories in eight languages, enhancing key literacy skills through fun and educational exercises.

Self-Directed Learning with AI:

We believe in AI as a tool to transform education by supporting best practices. Storywizard.ai increases motivation, personalizes the learning experience, and facilitates differentiated learning for every student.

Profanity and Inappropriate Content Filtering:

Advanced technologies filter out inappropriate content, ensuring a wholesome online experience.

Privacy & Security:

Robust security measures and strict privacy protocols safeguard personal information, prioritizing your child's privacy and security.

Moderation by Experts:

Expert moderators and child development specialists oversee site content, maintaining a safe, developmentally appropriate, and enriching space for children.

Tools for Teachers:

Engaging assignments tailored to individual student interests, with exercises like comprehension questions and fill-in-the-blanks.

Fun for the Family:

Create incredible children’s stories effortlessly with the help of AI, making it an enjoyable experience for families.

What People Think:

"Dima Broslavsky: The fact that a wonderful story is created with just a few clicks is magical! My kids love the experience, and I don't have to make up new stories anymore!"

API Integration:

Easily embed Storywizard.ai learning experiences across platforms using robust APIs, offering seamless integration and detailed analytics.

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