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Mem AI
Your AI Notes App for Effortless Organization.

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Stay organized effortlessly with Mem, the AI notes app designed to streamline your thoughts and information. Join over 100,000 busy professionals who trust Mem to keep their work and life organized without the hassle of manual organization.

Capture Ideas Anywhere:

Take quick notes in Mem.

Text your thoughts to Mem.

Save links and websites on-the-go (iOS).

Import knowledge from external sources effortlessly.

Connect the Dots:

Mem understands and connects your notes, helping you organize and remember vital information.

AI Thought Partner:

Serendipitously discover past ideas.

Perform smart searches with ease.

Generate content from your saved knowledge.

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Features You'll Love:

Quick Capture: Save notes, links, tweets, and more effortlessly.

Total Recall: AI-powered Smart Search or ask Mem a question to bring what you need back to top-of-mind.

Knowledge Creation: Remix or produce written content combining your voice with powerful AI.

Context-aware AI Assistance: Mem's AI understands the way you perceive the world, providing relevant and accurate assistance.

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