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Open-Source Generative Audio Tools for Limitless Music Creation.


Harmonai.org is a Stability AI Lab dedicated to revolutionizing music production through the development of open-source generative audio tools. Our mission is to democratize and enhance the music creation process, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Key Features:

Express Your Creativity Without Limitations: Harmonai empowers musicians to unleash their creativity without any boundaries. Our open-source generative audio tools provide a platform for artists to explore and experiment with unique sounds, fostering innovation in music composition.

Generate Custom Infinite Sound Libraries: With Harmonai, musicians can craft their own custom, infinite sound libraries. This feature allows for the creation of diverse and personalized musical elements, enabling artists to develop a signature sound that sets them apart in the industry.

Bring Power Back to the Artists: Harmonai is driven by the philosophy of putting the power back in the hands of musicians. By offering open-source tools, we aim to empower artists to take control of their music production, ensuring a more democratized and artist-centric approach to the creative process.

Use Cases:

Creative Exploration: Musicians can use Harmonai to experiment with new and innovative sounds, pushing the boundaries of their creativity and expanding their musical horizons.

Signature Sound Development: Artists looking to establish a unique and recognizable style can utilize Harmonai to generate custom sound libraries, helping them carve out a distinct identity in the competitive music industry.

Collaborative Projects: Harmonai's open-source nature encourages collaboration among musicians. Artists can come together to create, share, and enhance generative audio tools, fostering a sense of community within the music production realm.

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