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Revolutionizing Music Creation with AI.

Freemium $59.99/year

Unleash the future of music creation with Soundful's AI Music Generator. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to produce royalty-free background music effortlessly for your videos, streams, podcasts, and more. Explore a variety of theme and mood templates, from EDM to Melodic Deep House, tailored for producers, creators, and brands alike.

Diverse Licensing Options:

Enjoy the best license for content creators, covering everything from social media and streaming services to movies, advertising, and beyond.

AI Music Templates:

Discover a range of theme and mood templates designed for various genres, ensuring a vast selection for your creative projects.

Built for Creativity:

Producers: Break creative barriers by generating unique tracks effortlessly. Download high-res files and stems for further customization.

Creators: Bid farewell to copyright concerns with unique, royalty-free tracks perfectly aligned with your content.

Brands: Acquire affordable, studio-quality music tailored to your brand's needs, eliminating the need for overpriced music solutions.


"Soundful is the coolest thing ever. It’s like a new instrument. You are the one who creates this piece of art so quickly and then it’s yours! I was like, wow, I can own that. It can be mine and I can customize it and do whatever I want with it." - KENNEDI / @KENNEDI

Flexible Plans:

Choose from various plans tailored to your needs, including a free plan for personal projects and affordable options for content creators, music creators, and enterprises.



Free Forever

Access to 25+ free styles

3 downloads per month

1 STEM pack per month

For non-profit and personal use only

Content Creator

$59.99 / YEAR

Access to premium content

Unlock 150+ styles

100 downloads per month

1 STEM pack per month

Non-exclusive license for tracks you create

Publish content for businesses and digital ads

Covered for social media, online platforms, and websites

Music Creator Plus

$95.99 / YEAR (20% Discount)

Access to premium content

Unlock 150+ styles

300 downloads per month

10 STEM packs per month

Exclusive license for tracks you create

Copyright available for purchase

Unlimited monetization

STEM pack included with purchase


Tailored Licensing & Plans for Organizations

API access

Customized licensing terms

Monetize your templates on Soundful

Dedicated team

White-glove creation and production services

Suitable for TV shows and TV ads

Get started with Soundful's AI Music Generator. Revolutionize your music creation experience today!

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