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AI for Pros, Transforming Workflows with State-of-the-Art AI.

Freemium $20/mo

Boost your productivity tenfold with Bearly, an advanced AI tool seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Experience accelerated reading, writing, and content creation—all with just one shortcut. Trusted by over 100,000 professionals, including renowned institutions like MIT, BAIN & Company, Google, Bridgewater, and DOW & Chemical.

AI Chat on Steroids (HyperChat):

Interact with any document, asking questions and analyzing content effortlessly.

Transcribe audio and video, turning podcasts, YouTube videos, or meeting recordings into interactive transcripts.

Real-time web access powered by Google Search engine.

Meeting Minutes and Key Takeaways:

Generate meeting minutes effortlessly, identifying and highlighting key takeaways.

Utilizes industry-leading language models for accuracy.

Model Flexibility:

Don’t get locked into any model; access the best AI models from providers across the AI universe, including Open AI, Claude, and more.

Document Interaction:

Chat with your documents for instant insights.

Prompt Marketplace offers 50+ reading and writing templates, making your work even more efficient.

Security Features:

World's most secure AI chat with zero logging.

Bearly doesn't store or record your queries.

Chat & Docs Encryption: You own the encryption keys, ensuring exclusive access to your interactions and documents.

Designed and built with security at its core, guaranteeing the safety of your data.

Use Cases:

Content Creation: Quickly generate and refine content using AI-powered writing assistance.

Meeting Management: Effortlessly transcribe and summarize meetings, generating actionable minutes.

Research and Analysis: Access the power of diverse AI models for in-depth research and analysis.

Document Collaboration: Enhance collaboration by interacting with documents in real-time.

Get Started Today:

Reimagine your work and boost productivity—try Bearly now. Download for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or get the Chrome Extension. Made in New York, © 2023, Bearly, Inc.

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