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AI Prompt Marketplace for DALL·E, GPT, Stable Diffusion + Midjourney.

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Welcome to PromptBase, the premier marketplace for buying and selling meticulously crafted prompts designed for AI models such as DALL·E, GPT, Stable Diffusion + Midjourney. Prompts are the key to unlocking the potential of these complex AI systems, allowing users to generate desired outputs, be it images, text, or code, with precision and creativity.

What is a Prompt Engineer?

Step into the role of a Prompt Engineer, a skilled technician proficient in crafting text prompts essential for AI models to consistently produce desired outputs. Whether it's generating unique images or refining textual outputs, become a vital part of the AI revolution as a Prompt Engineer.


Marketplace for buying and selling AI prompts

Skilled Prompt Engineers create custom prompts

80% revenue share for prompt sellers

Seamless payments via Stripe

Internal Stripe dashboard for sales tracking

Eligibility for custom prompt payments after 25 marketplace sales

Use Cases:

Content creators generate unique visuals for various purposes

Developers create custom code snippets with tailored prompts

Writers refine and enhance AI-generated text outputs

Payment and Revenue:

Prompt sellers enjoy an 80% revenue share on every sale and custom prompt jobs, while PromptBase facilitates payments through Stripe, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process. A transparent internal Stripe dashboard within your account provides real-time insights into your prompt sales.

Country Support:

While Stripe serves as our trusted payment provider, certain countries like Brazil, Thailand, Bangladesh, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine may currently face limitations. Stay updated on solutions through our dedicated X page, and receive notifications when Stripe becomes available in your country.

Fraud Protection:

PromptBase prioritizes a secure marketplace. In the rare event of a sale marked as "Fraudulent," it signifies a refunded payment due to potential fraudulent activity. This is a proactive measure to prevent chargeback fees and fines, ensuring a secure and reliable platform for both creators and users.

Join PromptBase today to unleash the power of AI through expertly crafted prompts, connecting Prompt Engineers with a global community eager to explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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