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All-in-One Business Planning Software.

Freemium $6/mo

IdeaBuddy is an innovative business planning software designed to bring your business ideas to life. Whether you're starting from scratch, seeking funding, or aiming to expand, our platform offers an all-encompassing solution to turn your great idea into a successful business. With features like Idea Plan, Whiteboard, Business Guide, Idea Validation, Financial Plan, and Business Plan, you can develop, test, and launch your business idea seamlessly.


Build a Business Model on a Single Page: Utilize Idea Plan to design a comprehensive business model on a single page, ideal for visualizing and structuring your concept in its early stages.

Collaborate with Others: Invite your team and mentors to brainstorm with you, fostering collaboration and shared progress tracking.

Export and Share: Export your plans as Word documents, PDFs, Excel files, or share links with partners and investors.

Mobile-Friendly: Work on your ideas from anywhere, at any time, with our mobile-friendly platform, ensuring you're always prepared for that stroke of genius.

Use Cases:

Tech Startup Template: Kickstart your Tech Startup with customizable business planning and model templates. Develop a stunning business plan, create a clear business model, and make informed financial projections.

E-Commerce Template: Leverage pre-built templates to fast-track the development of your E-Commerce business idea. From value propositions to financial projections, we guide you through every stage.

Coffee Shop Template: For aspiring cafe owners, our Coffee Shop template provides a step-by-step guide, helping you create a compelling business plan and model.


"Absolutely fascinating. Financial Projections and Business Planning." - Jonathan C., Founder

"IdeaBuddy is all the tools I need in one place for my business scope and plan." - Emily A., Artist | CEO

"A Very Useful Product. Organized, easy to view, and navigate." - John T., Owner

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