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Realistic Text to Speech & Voice Cloning.

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Experience the pinnacle of AI voice generation with LOVO, an award-winning AI Voice Generator and Text-to-Speech software. Boasting 500+ voices in 100 languages, LOVO caters to 1,000,000 users worldwide, including notable partners such as Forbes, BBC Radio 4, and TechCrunch. 

The core product, Genny, is a generative AI tool that combines a powerful voice generator, an online video editor, and an array of AI features to streamline video production. Save time and money on voiceovers, access unlimited royalty-free images, and write scripts 10 times faster with Genny's advanced AI capabilities. Genny also introduces an innovative featureā€”Unlimited Instant Voice Cloning, allowing brands to have a unique voice for their content with just 10 seconds of audio. 

The product is versatile, serving various use cases like advertisements, education, explainer videos, and more. Moreover, developers can leverage LOVO's API to integrate the world's most natural AI voices into their applications with minimal effort. Revolutionize your content creation process with LOVO AI Voice Generator.


LOVO AI Voice Generator is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the efficiency of video production by providing realistic AI voices, unlimited royalty-free images, and advanced script-writing capabilities. 

Whether used for marketing, education, games, or other content creation purposes, LOVO's Genny offers a cutting-edge experience with features like voice cloning and a versatile API for developers. 

This product aims to empower users to create compelling and engaging videos with ease, saving both time and resources in the process.

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