Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

Introduction to Machine Learning and AI
  • Start At Aug 1, 2023
  • 8 hours
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Discover machine learning and how it works, and train your own AI using free online tools.

From self-driving cars to determining someone's age, artificial intelligence (AI) systems trained with machine learning (ML) are being used more and more. But what is AI, and what does machine learning actually involve?

In this four-week course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you'll learn about different types of machine learning, and use online tools to train your own AI models. You'll find out about the types of problems that machine learning can help to solve, discuss how AI is changing the world, and think about the ethics of collecting data to train a machine learning model.


This course will cover:

The history of AIWhat are AI and machine learning?Using AI for classificationWhat problems can AI solve?Collecting and preparing data for machine learningPotential problems with AIThe machine learning processSupervised learning: Decision trees and nearest neighbourUnsupervised learningReinforcement learningHow neural networks workWriting a good ML resource
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