Oman AI Summit

Oman AI Summit
When: 29-31 Jan 2024 Where: Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre – Muscat 17 Speakers Where to register:

Oman AI Summit is the largest annual technology exhibition and gathering for all Industry professionals and experts in the Sultanate of Oman to discuss, innovate, and discover and accelerate investments, discover the latest applications, best practises and trends evolving in the space of Artificial Intelligence in the region and globally.

With over 9,000+ Visitors and 100+ Exhibitors, Oman AI Summit is the largest exhibition in the Sultanate of Oman bringing together world-class AI Solution providers to meet and connect with Omani Enterprises, Government entities, MSME’s , Educational Institutes, and all Industry sectors. The Summit will attract world renowned speakers sharing the sharpest thought leadership with though-provoking Industry Keynote presentations and Panel discussions. Hear directly from experts and high-level figures on the future of AI and it’s current impact in The Sultanate of Oman.


Key Topics To Be Covered

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Decision Making
What is the impact of artificial intelligence on national national security and cyber security?

Strategic And Technological Shifts For National Security
The impact of artificial intelligence on national national security and cyber security. What are the opportunities and advantages in this sector?

Legal Challenges Associated With The Use Of Artificial Intelligence
Discussing legislation and ethics in developing the economy, protecting individuals and companies, and determining civil liability when using artificial intelligence.

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Innovation Processes And Scientific Research
How can artificial intelligence facilitate innovation processes and stimulate the transformation of traditional models into smarter ones?

Artificial Intelligence And Transformations In The Logistics Sector
Support automation in logistics through robots and smart vehicles, and apply artificial intelligence in improving supply chain management and logistics management.

Enhancing The Link Between Technological Progress And A Sustainable Environment
How can artificial intelligence help identify potential environmental threats and develop new solutions?

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Developing The Financial Sector
Improving financial risk management in banks and financial institutions, improving trading operations in financial markets and assisting in making investment decisions.

Investment In Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On The Digital Economy And Development
The importance of investing in artificial intelligence and its role in developing economies, and the potential risks of investing in artificial intelligence, and dealing with them.


H.E. Engineer: Omar Hamdan Al-Ismaili
TRA Executive President
Abdullah Al Amri
Chairman of Environment Authority | Deputy Speaker of Sura Council
H.E Sheikh Faisal Bin Abdullah Al-Rawas
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry
H.E Munther Al Busaidi
Vice-Chairman of the Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit
Dr. Ali Al Shidhani
Undersecretary for Communications and IT at Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology – Oman
Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani
Chairman (Mayor) of Dhofar Municipality
Dr Said Jaboob
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies, Research and Innovation at UTAS – Oman
Rebecca Olson
CEO at Oman American Business Council (AmCham Oman)
H.E. Eng Belal Al-Hafnawi
Technology and Digital Transformation Leader- Commissioner – TRC Jordan
Dr. Hussein Zanaty
Executive Director of the Arab Japan Center for Innovation ، Training and Sustainable development
Azzan Al-Kindi
CEO & Co-Founder at Rihal
Dr. Jassim Haji
President at Nasser AI Research and Development Centre
Sharifa AlBarami
Alumni Board Member at Royal Academy of Management
Ott Velsberg
Government Chief Data Officer at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications – Republic of Estonia
Laila AL Hadhrami
MD, C3 Advisory Org: Smart Sustainable Cities Advisor
Rana Gujral
CEO at Behavioral Signals
Dr. Salim Al-Shuaili
Director, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies Projects Unit at Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology

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