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Create Stunning Original Art with Blazing Fast AI Generations.

Freemium $12/mo

Unlock your artistic potential with Dreamlike Art AI, a revolutionary online tool that leverages the power of AI to help you create breathtaking original art in seconds. No need for a credit card – it's all conveniently accessible from your browser. Trusted by over 100,000 users, Dreamlike Art AI generates over 1 million unique creations every week, offering a hassle-free and blazing-fast artistic experience.

🚀 Blazing Fast:

Experience unparalleled speed with server-grade A100 GPUs, delivering an average generation speed of 4 seconds. Queue up to 30 images and generate up to 4 images in parallel – faster than 8x RTX 3090!

🌈 Hassle-Free & Easy to Use:

Everything you need is right in your browser, eliminating the need for confusing colabs, slow local installs, or chaotic Discord bots. Accessible from anywhere on any device.

🦾 Powerful AI Tools:

Choose from 8 AI models to create, upscale, edit with natural language, fix faces, copy pose/depth/sketch, make variations, and more. Customize your creations with advanced parameters.

Use Cases:

Art Creation: Unleash your creativity and generate unique artworks effortlessly.

Image Enhancement: Upscale and edit images with advanced AI tools.

Variation Creation: Produce diverse variations of your art with ease.

Content Monetization: Earn a 20% commission on sales and subscription renewals through the affiliate program.


Limits: Free plan users can queue up to 5 images and generate only 1 image at a time, with some settings limited.

Credits: Start with 50 free credits, claim 24 additional credits daily, and subscribe to plans for more credits.

Public API: Coming soon. Request beta access for high-volume usage.

Affiliate Program: Earn commissions up to a year by promoting Dreamlike Art AI.

Ready to elevate your art? Get started for free with 50 credits, no commitment required.

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