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Customizable AI Text-to-Speech Service for Streamers.

Freemium $25/mo

TTSLabs offers an innovative AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) service tailored specifically for Twitch streamers, providing them with the tools they need to personalize their streaming experience and engage their audience in new and exciting ways. With TTSLabs, streamers can enhance their TTS experience by customizing voices, adding unique sound clips, managing profanity filters, and much more, all through a dedicated desktop app designed for seamless integration with popular streaming platforms like Streamlabs and StreamElements.


The purpose of TTSLabs is to empower Twitch streamers to elevate their content through customized TTS functionality, enabling them to create a more immersive and interactive streaming environment for their viewers. By harnessing the power of AI-driven speech synthesis, TTSLabs enables streamers to go beyond traditional text-based interactions and deliver dynamic and engaging content in real-time.

Target Audience:

TTSLabs is designed for Twitch streamers of all levels, from newcomers looking to enhance their streams with unique TTS features to established streamers seeking to differentiate their content and deepen viewer engagement. Whether you're a gaming streamer, a creative content creator, or a variety streamer, TTSLabs provides the tools you need to stand out and make your streams more memorable.

Unique Features:

Dedicated Desktop App: TTSLabs offers a dedicated desktop app that streamlines the management and playback of TTS, allowing streamers to easily customize prices, voices, sound clips, and more.

Faster Than Real-Time Processing: With TTSLabs, 20 seconds of audio can be generated in less than 3 seconds, ensuring minimal delay and a smooth streaming experience.

Custom Viewer Guide: Viewers can access a custom guide that showcases enabled alerts, voices, sound clips, and minimum values for TTS, enhancing transparency and viewer engagement.

Sync with Streamlabs/StreamElements: TTSLabs can be seamlessly synced with popular streaming platforms like Streamlabs and StreamElements, enabling streamers to control TTS donations directly from their dashboard.

Profanity Management: Streamers can manage which donations are allowed to come through with preset levels of profanity and custom profanity filters, ensuring a positive and welcoming streaming environment.

Unique Sound Clips: TTSLabs allows streamers to add unique sound clips to TTS donations, adding creativity and personalization to viewer interactions.

Real-World Examples:

Imagine you're a Twitch streamer hosting a charity livestream event. With TTSLabs, you can use custom TTS voices and sound clips to incentivize donations, entertain viewers, and create a more engaging experience for everyone involved. Additionally, if you're a gaming streamer looking to enhance your stream with dynamic TTS interactions, TTSLabs provides the flexibility and customization options you need to stand out in a crowded streaming landscape.

TTSLabs revolutionizes the streaming experience by offering a customizable AI Text-to-Speech service that empowers streamers to create more immersive and interactive content for their viewers. Whether you're looking to entertain, inform, or engage your audience, TTSLabs provides the tools you need to take your streams to the next level.

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