1 minute to read - May 11, 2023
Music AI for Creative Media.

Freemium $9.99/mo

Tools to edit existing music, produce remixes and generate new tracks with ease.

Move the beat drop

Change the intro length and where the beat drops, just by moving a slider.

Change track length

Create a custom arrangement of any track, from 15 seconds to 15 minutes.

Generate Remixes

Tuney creates remixes by generating new stems that musically fit an original recording.

Try Out Tracks to Video

Upload a video and edit tracks to match the timing of your cuts.

Powerful music tools, made for creative companies.

Tuney uses sounds from real artists to create soundtracks that can be edited and customized to any creative project.

Unlike fully generative models, Tuney uses a hybrid approach, combining human music with generative elements.

This allows Tuney to edit and remix existing music, from popular songs to stock library tracks.

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