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Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover
Create Karaoke Tracks Instantly.


Transform any song into a karaoke masterpiece with our AI Vocal Remover. Our powerful algorithms utilize advanced artificial intelligence to seamlessly separate vocals from music, providing you with two tracks: a karaoke version of the song without vocals and an acapella version with isolated vocals. Best of all, this service is completely free, offering professional-quality results in just 10 seconds.


Vocal Removal and Isolation: Our AI technology accurately separates vocals from instrumental music, giving you the flexibility to create karaoke tracks or enjoy isolated acapella vocals.

Quick Processing: Experience rapid results with processing times typically taking only 10 seconds, allowing you to generate karaoke versions of your favorite songs in no time.

Free Service: Despite the complexity and high cost of similar services, our AI Vocal Remover is available to use absolutely free of charge, making professional-grade vocal extraction accessible to everyone.

How It Works:

Select a Song: Choose any song of your choice that you'd like to convert into a karaoke track.

Upload the Song: Upload the selected song to our online application.

Processing: Our powerful AI algorithms will swiftly analyze the song and separate the vocals from the instrumental music.

Download Your Tracks: Once processing is complete, you'll receive two tracks: a karaoke version without vocals and an acapella version with isolated vocals.

Enjoy Your Karaoke Experience: Sing along to your favorite songs without vocals or appreciate the raw beauty of isolated vocals with our user-friendly karaoke tracks.


Create Karaoke Tracks: Easily produce karaoke versions of songs for singing along at parties, events, or personal enjoyment.

Enjoy Isolated Vocals: Dive deep into the nuances of vocal performances with acapella versions, perfect for studying vocal techniques or remixing.

Target Audience:

Our AI Vocal Remover is designed for music enthusiasts, karaoke enthusiasts, DJs, remix artists, and anyone looking to explore the intricate details of vocal performances or create custom karaoke tracks effortlessly.

Real-World Example:

Meet Alex, a music lover who enjoys singing karaoke with friends. Using our AI Vocal Remover, Alex transforms his favorite songs into karaoke versions within seconds. He hosts karaoke nights at home, impressing his guests with customized karaoke tracks and even uses the acapella versions to practice his vocal skills. Thanks to our free and user-friendly service, Alex elevates his karaoke experience and creates unforgettable musical memories.

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