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Speak every language with AI-powered video translations.

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Rask.ai automates the process of video adaptation. It allows you to localize, translate, and dub your videos, making it easier for your content to reach a global audience. With rask.ai, you can easily localize your EdTech courses and marketing videos, enabling your company to expand its reach.


‍Automated speech-to-text, translation and voiceover: Create a transcript, translation, and voice-over for your video.

‍Voice cloning: Copy the voice from the original video to the translated version.

‍Multiple speakers: Assign a unique voice to each speaker in the video.

‍Subtitles: Download the transcript and translation in SRT format.

‍AI rewriting: Adjust the speed of speech by rewriting segments that are too long in the translation.

‍Multi-lingual projects: Translate your video into several languages in one click.

‍Upload SRT: Upload SRT Files for achieving more accuracy in translation or transcription.

‍Lip-sync in Beta: Get synchronized mouth movements with the audio track in a translated video.

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