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Talk To Books

Talk To Books
Conversational Books Search with Talk To Books.


Explore the world of books like never before with Talk To Books, an innovative experiment harnessing the power of neural language models to navigate vast literary collections. Launched in 2018, this groundbreaking tool allowed millions of users to engage in dynamic conversations with books, offering a unique and unprecedented way to interact with written content.

Key Features:

Neural Language Model: Talk To Books employs advanced language models, enabling users to conduct searches with natural language queries.

Semantic Matching: The product utilizes semantic matching or semantic retrieval models, proving their effectiveness in enhancing user experiences.

Influence on Major Products: The success of this experiment influenced the development of features in Google Shopping, Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, and other Google products.

Why Talk To Books:

Innovative Search Experience: Unlike traditional search engines, Talk To Books allows users to engage in conversations with books, providing a fresh and interactive search experience.

Inspired Other Products: The experiment paved the way for integrating language models into various Google products, showcasing its potential in shaping the future of online interactions.

Use Cases:

Memory Lane: Rediscover memories by asking questions like "What smell brings back great memories?" or "What were you really into when you were a kid?"

Sleep Assistance: Seek advice on falling asleep with inquiries such as "How can I stop thinking and fall asleep?"

Educational Queries: Gain insights into various topics like "How does an LCD work?" or "What is machine learning?"

Embrace a new era of book exploration with Talk To Books, where every conversation unveils a world of knowledge.

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