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GitHub Data Explorer

GitHub Data Explorer
Simplifying GitHub Data Analysis without SQL or Plotting


GitHub Data Explorer is your go-to tool for effortlessly exploring GitHub data without the need for SQL or advanced plotting skills. With the power of AI, specifically Text2SQL integrated into Chat2Query, we've created a user-friendly platform within TiDB Cloud that opens up GitHub data analysis to everyone.

AI-Powered Querying:

Utilize Chat2Query, an AI-powered SQL generator, to explore GitHub data seamlessly.

No need for SQL skills; simply express your queries in natural language.

Custom Dataset Integration:

Yes, you can use the AI-powered feature with your own dataset.

Chat2Query is designed to handle various datasets, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Limitations and Continuous Improvement:

AI is a work in progress, and GitHub Data Explorer is no exception.

Limitations include a lack of context about specific database structures, domain knowledge, and potential inefficiency in generating SQL for complex queries.

We're constantly working on enhancements, and your feedback is crucial for improvement.

Data Source Limitations:

Our tool relies on data sourced from GH Archive, a non-profit project recording GitHub event data since 2011 (public data only).

Limitations may arise if a query falls outside the scope of available GH Archive data.

Failed SQL Query Generation:

Reasons include AI misunderstanding the query, network issues, or excessive requests.

Solution: Use clear, specific phrases related to GitHub and consider our query templates.

Failed Chart Generation:

Incorrect SQL queries, AI choosing the wrong chart template, or no answer found can lead to chart generation failure.

Ensure accuracy in queries and consider refining questions for better results.

Optimizing Your Queries:

Rephrase questions with clear, specific phrases related to GitHub.

Utilize GitHub login accounts, full repository names, and GitHub terms for better accuracy.

Gain inspiration from suggested queries near the search box.

Data Source:

GH Archive and GitHub Event API.

GH Archive collects and updates GitHub data since 2011, providing streaming, real-time data updates.


TiDB Cloud serves as the backend database.

Ideal for storing massive data, handling complex queries, and serving online traffic.

AI Engine:

OpenAI's ChatGPT API powers the translation of natural language queries to SQL.

Enables users without SQL knowledge to seamlessly interact with GitHub Data Explorer.

Explore GitHub data effortlessly with GitHub Data Explorer – your gateway to AI-driven GitHub data analysis. Book a demo or try it out now!

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