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The Smarter Way to Get Hired.

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Our AI-powered tools automate your job search, so you can apply to 100x more jobs in less time. Get more interviews, negotiate a higher salary, and focus on the opportunities that align with your goals. PowerApply is the ultimate career accelerator.

Direct Emailer

The Direct Emailer feature allows you to quickly and easily reach out to potential employers via email, increasing your chances of landing a job. With the ability to find and verify email addresses, craft a personalized cover letter and send bulk emails, the Direct Emailer streamlines the job application process.

Auto-Apply AI

The Auto-Apply feature is a powerful tool that streamlines the job application process by allowing you to apply to multiple job listings on popular job recruitment platforms, such as LinkedIn and Indeed, with a single click. Just input your job search keyword and a few other details, and the feature automatically fills and submits job applications, saving time and effort in the job search process.

Cover Letter AI

Easily craft the perfect cover letter with our AI-powered tool. Simply input your information and let our algorithm generate a tailored, professional letter for your job application.

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