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Empowering Individuals with AI Awareness.


CheckforAi was a pioneering free nonprofit project designed for individuals, aimed at providing a valuable service in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, the service has been sunsetted to redirect our focus towards new and innovative projects. We sincerely appreciate the support from our users.

Why CheckforAi:

CheckforAi was developed to raise awareness about AI and its implications among individuals. The project aimed to empower users with insights into the world of artificial intelligence, fostering a better understanding of its impact on daily life.

Key Features:

Free Nonprofit Service: CheckforAi was committed to providing its services free of charge, emphasizing accessibility and inclusivity.

User Empowerment: The project focused on empowering individuals by offering insights and information about artificial intelligence, enabling users to make informed decisions in the AI-driven world.

Diverse Content: CheckforAi featured diverse content, ensuring that users gained a comprehensive understanding of AI, its applications, and potential implications.

Sunsetted Service: While the service is no longer available, Uphold.ai remains dedicated to creating new and impactful projects, continuing its mission to educate and empower.

Cases of Use:

AI Awareness: CheckforAi served as an excellent resource for individuals seeking to enhance their awareness of artificial intelligence, its benefits, and potential risks.

Educational Tool: Students and professionals interested in the field of AI used CheckforAi to stay updated on the latest developments, ethical considerations, and emerging trends.

Community Engagement: Users engaged with the CheckforAi community through Substack, subscribing for updates on new projects and staying connected with Uphold.ai's initiatives.

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