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Your All-in-One AI Productivity Booster!


Introducing PopAi, the ultimate AI tool designed to supercharge your productivity! Experience instant answers, seamless search engine integration, PDF reading, PowerPoint generation, and much more—all in one powerful platform.


Instant Answers: Receive quick and accurate responses to your queries, enhancing your decision-making process.

Search Engine Integration: Explore the internet without leaving PopAi, streamlining your research workflow.

PDF Reading: Effortlessly upload and read PDF documents directly within PopAi for convenient information access.

PowerPoint Generation: Generate dynamic presentations with ease, utilizing PopAi's intelligent PowerPoint generation capabilities.

Chat with Document: Upload PDF or DOC files for interactive discussions and insights. Simply click to upload or drop your files for a seamless experience.

Set Language for Scanned Files: Customize language settings for scanned documents, ensuring accurate interpretation.

AI Presentation: Access all your projects in one place, create new presentations from a single topic, and explore ready-made templates for a polished finish.

Use Cases:

Professionals can streamline their research process with integrated search and document reading capabilities.

Students and academics can benefit from PopAi's academic and educational writing templates for essays, resumes, interviews, and research projects.

Content creators can find inspiration in generating art prompts and creative ideas with the Gen Art Prompt feature.

Coders and developers can get coding answers and solutions to software and web development queries.

Enhance your workflow, creativity, and efficiency with PopAi. Click to upload or drop your documents, set your language preferences, and access a plethora of features—from AI presentations to coding solutions. Boost your productivity now!

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