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Elevate Your Learning Experience with Automated Quizzes.

Freemium $4.99/mo

Enhance your study routine with the AI Question Generator—an innovative tool designed to effortlessly transform any text into dynamic quizzes. Tailor your quizzes to your learning preferences by generating multiple-choice, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank questions automatically using our cutting-edge AI technology. No payment method is required to get started!

Why You Need It:

The AI Question Generator streamlines the quiz creation process, allowing you to study smarter, not harder. With the ability to generate quizzes instantly, this tool is perfect for educators, students, and lifelong learners. Easily edit and export your quizzes for personalized testing or sharing with others.


🤖 Generate AI-driven multiple choice questions instantly

✔️ Effortless true or false question creation

✍️ Fill-in-the-blank questions made easy

🎓 High-quality question maker for educators and students

Pricing Is Actually Pretty Simple:

Free Version: $0 per month (3 Free AI quiz generations per month)

Early Bird Plan: $4.99 per month (Unlimited AI question generation, superior AI question generation, priority access to new features, price guarantee as an early supporter)

Use Cases:

Educational Institutions: Facilitate interactive learning by creating engaging quizzes for students.

Self-Study: Personalize your study sessions by generating quizzes from your study materials.

Knowledge Assessment: Evaluate understanding and retention effortlessly with automated quizzes.

Try it for free and, if you like it, sign up for the premium service to access the best possible experience! No credit card required for the free trial!

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