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Automated Email Outreach Powered by GPT.

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Meet Robin AI v1.01, your revolutionary outbound sales agent leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to transform email outreach into a seamless and effective process. No more mundane sales activities – let Robin AI handle the top of your sales funnel intelligently.

What is Robin AI and Why is it Needed?

Robin AI is a cutting-edge platform utilizing AI to automate the initial stages of the sales funnel for businesses. Say goodbye to manual outreach and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of connecting with leads. Robin AI not only writes and sends personalized emails but also adapts its messaging based on lead information.


Automated Outreach: Robin AI takes care of reaching out to leads, conducting research, and handling the initial stages of communication, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Dynamic Email Copy: Crafted by GPT, Robin AI adjusts email content based on lead information, ensuring personalized and engaging communication.

Objection Handling: Forward responses from leads, and Robin AI generates objection emails with the ultimate goal of scheduling a call for your sales team.

Alpha Version: Stay tuned for upcoming features as Robin AI evolves. Join the waitlist to be the first to access the latest advancements.

Why Robin AI?

Smart sales teams are turning to Robin AI for its intelligent use of AI and machine learning. It not only streamlines the sales funnel but also enhances overall sales performance. Key benefits include:

Full Automation: From lead outreach to handling initial communication and repetitive tasks, Robin AI uses advanced text-to-speech technology for seamless CRM integration.

Personalized Insights: Receive real-time insights and personalized sales advice, giving your business a competitive edge.

Expert Support: Backed by top sales experts, Robin AI is designed to improve sales performance and help you surpass your targets.

Use Cases:

Targeted Outreach: Reach specific audiences with tailored messaging.

Email Campaigns: Automate and optimize email campaigns for efficiency.

Customer Retention: Enhance customer relations with personalized communication.

Top-of-Funnel Lead Generation: Efficiently generate and manage leads at the initial stages of the sales process.

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