1 minute to read - Mar 24, 2023
Audio clip generation of celebrity/cartoon voices.

Paid $7/mo

FakeYou is a text to speech application designed to create realistic audio clips of celebrity and cartoon characters. It uses deep fake technology to generate audio clips of user-specified voices.

The application provides users with a library of over 2979 voices and filters to select voices by language and category. After selecting a voice, the user input is processed to generate the audio clip.

The session results can be previewed before downloading the clip. FakeYou also has a community feature which allows users to upload audio clips, generate a leaderboard, and view a feed of the latest audio clips.

The application also provides users with an API and a developers page for integrating FakeYou with other projects and applications. In addition, FakeYou has a pricing page for users to choose a plan that meets their needs.

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