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AI Picasso

AI Picasso
ransforming Your World with Advanced AI Generation.


AI Creations is an innovative application harnessing the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to revolutionize how you interact with your photos and images. With a suite of features including AI Video Generation, AI Avatar Creation, and AI Image Generation, this app offers a seamless and intuitive platform to unleash your creativity like never before.


The primary purpose of AI Creations is to empower users to effortlessly transform static images into dynamic videos, create personalized avatars, and generate stunning images in various styles, all with the help of advanced AI technology. Whether you're looking to bring your photos to life, explore different versions of yourself, or experiment with unique artistic styles, AI Creations has you covered.

AI Creations caters to a diverse range of users, including:

Social media enthusiasts seeking to enhance their content with engaging videos and personalized avatars.

Amateur and professional artists looking for inspiration and tools to create unique artwork in various styles.

Individuals interested in exploring alternative versions of themselves through AI-generated avatars.

Photographers and designers in need of customizable image generation tools for projects and creative endeavors.

Unique Features:

AI Video Generation: Transform static images into dynamic videos featuring dancing characters or personalized timelines of people growing up, complete with era-specific clothing.

AI Avatar Creation: Generate custom avatars by uploading a set of photos, allowing users to explore different versions of themselves or experiment with makeup and filters in a virtual environment.

AI Image Generation: Easily generate images in various styles such as fantasy, charcoal, cyberpunk, and more, with the option to specify drawing styles and reference images. Exclusive "Irasutoya" style images are also available, unique to the AI Picasso app.

Real-world Examples:

Social Media Content Creation: A travel blogger uses AI Creations to transform their travel photos into captivating videos, showcasing iconic landmarks with dancing characters and era-specific attire to engage their followers.

Personalized Avatars: A makeup artist utilizes AI Avatar Creation to visualize different makeup looks on a virtual avatar, helping clients explore and decide on their desired style before applying makeup in real life.

Artistic Exploration: A digital artist experiments with AI Image Generation to generate artwork in various styles, exploring new techniques and inspirations for their next creative project.

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