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AI-Powered Artistic Creativity Unleashed.


Explore the world of AI art effortlessly with DiffusionBee - your go-to solution for generating stunning visuals using Stable Diffusion. This offline, free-of-charge tool revolutionizes content creation, providing an array of cutting-edge features to bring your imagination to life. From text-to-image transformations to advanced options for power users, DiffusionBee is where innovation meets artistry. Join thousands of creators and dive into the new era of AI-generated masterpieces.

Text to Image:

Generate diverse images using text prompts in any style, sparking creativity with a single click.

Image to Image:

Modify existing images or create new ones based on a starting image, all guided by text prompts.


Add or remove objects in an image at a selected region using intuitive text prompts.


Expand an image outward, enhancing creativity with text prompts and selective region additions.


Automatically increase image resolution with AI for clearer, more detailed visuals.

Custom Models:

Utilize external Stable Diffusion models trained on specific styles or objects using DreamBooth.

Advanced Options:

Tailor your AI art with advanced options like negative prompts, diffusion steps, and more for power users.


All image generation occurs locally, ensuring privacy and security with no data sent to the cloud.

Active Community:

Join a vibrant Discord community for discussions, support, and sharing your AI-generated creations.

User Testimonials:

"Diffusion Bee 1.0: Easy to Install Stable Diffusion for Apple Silicon Macs" - Daring Fireball

"tried the Diffusion Bee? Stable Diffusion GUI App for M1 Mac, optimized for M1/M2, runs locally on your Mac" - Yasuhito Nagatomo

"Installed @diffusionbee on the Mac as my Stable Diffusion client. Such a better experience than what was available on Windows." - Kavir

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