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Green Screen AI

Green Screen AI
Transform Your Photos with Generative Backgrounds.


Unleash your creativity with Green Screen AI, the revolutionary tool that employs generative AI to change the background of any image. Whether you have a specific vision or need inspiration, Green Screen AI makes the process seamless. Enjoy unique backgrounds, automatic subject detection for a focused image, and a built-in prompt composer to craft the perfect input. Elevate your creativity and turn your creations into stunning widgets to personalize your home screen. Join the vibrant community on Discord and share your extraordinary transformations!

Generative AI Magic:

Experience the power of the latest generative AI models.

Transform ordinary photos into extraordinary, one-of-a-kind creations.

Automatic Subject Detection:

Ensure your subject stands out with automatic detection.

Achieve a polished look where the focus pops against the new background.

Prompt Composer Assistance:

Struggling with a prompt? Use the built-in prompt composer for guidance.

Easily put together the perfect input for your background transformation.

Create Unique Widgets:

Turn your transformed creations into widgets.

Make your home screen truly unique with personalized widgets.

How It Works:

Write Your Vision:

Describe the background you envision in simple text.

Let the generative AI interpret your vision and bring it to life.

Automatic Transformation:

Watch as Green Screen AI automatically replaces the background.

Witness your image undergo a stunning metamorphosis.

Refine and Share:

Fine-tune your creation to perfection.

Share your transformed images in the Discord community for admiration.

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