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AI-Powered Photo Colorization for Vibrant Memories.

Paid $9/mo

Palette is a cutting-edge AI-powered photo colorization tool with over 21 color filters that brings your black and white photos to life. Witness your memories transformed with vibrant, realistic colors in just a few seconds. Trusted by 2.8 million users and rated 4.9 stars, Palette offers a simple and powerful customization experience, catching the "little wow" details and providing a lively, natural light to your photos.

Why Palette:

Realistic Colors: See your photos in realistic and lifelike colors with the help of advanced AI colorization.

Easy Customization: Choose from a variety of 21+ color filters to personalize and enhance your photos effortlessly.

Trusted by Experts: Endorsed by industry experts, including Kevin Kelly, Founding Editor of Wired, and PiXimperfect, a renowned Photoshop Expert.

Versatile Use Cases: Ideal for historical photos, portraits, landscapes, and more, Palette unlocks the colors in your old photos in just three easy steps.


Accurate and Realistic Colors: Palette ensures accurate and realistic colorization, capturing the essence of your memories.

Simple and Powerful Customization: Customize colors easily to achieve the desired look for your photos.

Catch the "Little Wow" Details: Palette pays attention to small details, ensuring a high-quality colorization experience.

Lively and Natural Light: The tool adds a natural and lively touch to your photos, enhancing their visual appeal.

Cases of Use:

Historical Photographs: Bring historical black and white photos to life with authentic colors.

Portraits: Transform black and white portraits into vibrant, lifelike representations.

Landscapes: Add color and depth to black and white landscapes for a more immersive experience.

Subscription Plans:

Free: Start for free with watermark on previews, lower resolution, and ads.

Subscribe ($72/year): Enjoy unlimited color previews, over 21 color filters, watermark-free previews, pro features, and workflows with an annual subscription.

One-Time Payment ($49): Purchase credits for one-time colorization, removing ads and benefiting from pro features.


Accuracy: Palette ensures accurate colorization with attention to detail.

Differences from Others: Palette offers realistic colors, simple interfaces, and one-time payment options compared to alternatives.

Credits and Payments: Credits are used for colorization, with various subscription plans available.

Removing Logo: Paid credits allow you to remove watermarks from your colorized photos.

Palette - Unlock the Colors, Preserve the Memories. Get started for free!

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